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From Dr. Janet B. Reid and Vincent R. Brown, Intrinsic Inclusion: Rebooting Your Biased Brain engages readers in exploring if and how we might rewire our brains to disrupt implicit unconscious biases, change ‘default’ mindsets, and develop intrinsically inclusive behaviors. Reid and Brown ask timely and provocative questions to prompt important discussions about disrupting implicit unconscious biases and mitigating their effects in business and personal life. By engaging readers in this exploration, Reid and Brown encourage dialogue and discovery, empowered by intrinsic motivation to be more naturally inclusive.

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In Their Own Words

About the Book

Brian E. Hall

Senior VP and Executive Director, the Commission on Economic Inclusion

“Mark my words, years from now those of us in the D&I profession will speak of 'before Intrinsic Inclusion' and 'after Intrinsic Inclusion.' This book is a game changer”

Ronald C. Parker

Former President and CEO of the Executive Leadership Council and former Senior Vice President of HR, Labor Relations and Global Diversity and Inclusion, PepsiCo

“Janet Reid and Vincent Brown have given D&I strategy a much needed reboot with Intrinsic Inclusion. Upending our most stubborn barriers to diversity and showing us science-inspired ways to increase inclusiveness, this book is a must read for corporate leaders, D&I professionals, and everyone who’s interested in a more inclusive world.”

Margo Copeland

Former Executive VP and Director of Philanthropy and Civic Engagement KeyBank

“By changing the question when it comes to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in our institutions, Reid and Brown have changed the future of D&I. I found every page illuminating and riveting.” 

Discover the Role Neuroscience Plays in Bias


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