Remote Facilitation

We conduct highly engaging remotely facilitated sessions that emphasize learning and understanding in an efficient manner. Adult learning principles are utilized in the design and facilitation. We employ interactive technology and create content that is specifically designed to enhance the participant’s remote learning experience. 

Advantages of remotely facilitated sessions:

Large numbers of participants can be included in one session

Use of chat and emoticons can enhance communication

Break out rooms and encourage dialogue, create group learning and allow for practice of skills

If multiple job locations are involved, participants will broaden their contacts within the company

Economical, since no travel for facilitator and participants

In-Person Facilitation

We conduct highly participatory in-person sessions that allow for deep dialogue and understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion. Adult learning principles are utilized in the design and facilitation. We meet each individual participant where they are and invite them to explore new concepts and develop additional skills. 

Advantages of in-person sessions:

Allows maximum time for individual Q&A

Experiential learning is maximized. Exercises to practice skills are done in a more realistic manner

Often, participants are more engaged because they utilize the most common form of communication (speaking) which allows for a better understanding of both tone and intent

Overall, the in-person human touch enhances understanding


Behavior Change Learning Platform

Through our partnership with technology company Rali, the Rali LX platform delivers an integrated, journey-based experience that activates all the drivers of engagement, behavioral adoption, and business impact. Rali LX engages and activates employees using its proprietary "Learn. Do. Inspire." change architecture. Rali LX delivers a highly engaging employee experience, drives verifiable impact, and provides a rich bed of analytics for continuous optimization and talent management decision-making. 

Advantages of the Rali LX:

Easily scaled from small teams to thousands of employees

Asynchronous micro-learning where employees spend only minutes out of their week

Group learning helps develop concepts and promotes behavior change

"Learn. Do. Inspire" model reinforces learning through actual action in the workplace combined with interaction between employees

Game mechanics such as points, badges, and leader boards drive healthy competition and track progress

Includes proprietary DEI content that is highly customizable for your company's needs

Robust data capture and analytics providing real-time insight into the progress, accomplishments, and future needs of employees

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