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Our Approach


Training is Not A Strategy

We don't treat training as the sole solution to diversity, equity, and inclusion problems. Rather, training is a single tactic in a larger DEI strategy. We work to develop an overall DEI strategy that naturally fits in with your overall business strategy. By ensuring the DEI and business strategy align, your diversity, equity, and inclusion solutions are naturally integrated into the goals of your company, making them an integral part of the business. Under this strategy, training is one part of a much larger, more effective whole!

Dialogue and Learning Sessions

In place of traditional training, we create custom designed dialogue and learning sessions that encourage continued education and behavior change. Our sessions are highly interactive, engaging, and energizing. We use a Socratic approach that applies adult learning experience principles. There are no long lectures here - sessions are practical, action-oriented, and include directly applicable outcomes. We are never accusatory or demanding, instead prompting participants to be introspective with presented content. All our sessions employ small group processes and are technology enabled.


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